Required travel documents:  a valid passport, a valid visa for those not exempted (if necessary, single entry visas can be purchased upon arrival at the immigration desk) and an International Certificate of Vaccination for Yellow Fever.

Telephones:  The country code for Tanzania is +255. Several cellular phone networks operate in Tanzania, and roaming functions work in most major towns. It is however much cheaper to buy a local sim card from one of the networks upon arrival at the airport. 

Dress code:  The people are predominantly Muslim along the coast of Tanzania and on the islands of Mafia, Zanzibar and Pemba, and recognition of traditional values is important. Clothing such as swimwear is not acceptable in towns and away from the main tourist resorts, ladies should ensure that they cover up their shoulders and knees.

Tipping:  This is not a requirement but is always graciously received.  To make if fair to all our staff at the camps we have made a tip box available to our guests, which is then evenly divided between everyone. 

Photography:  Most public buildings such as airports, government offices, national flags and people in uniform are not allowed to be photographed. Please ask permission personally when taking pictures of local people and their villages. They may charge for pictures to be taken. Please check with your guide.