Situated on a remote hilltop on the border of Saadani National Park, and with a vista of the plains below, Kisampa is a special place for nature lovers.  

Kisampa is a private community conservation sanctuary that adjoins the unique coastal Saadani National Park in eastern Tanzania.  Here we offer you a personal journey, an experience full of meaning – not just another destination. We will lead you on a superb exploration that will take you into the heart of this amazing little piece of Africa.  Because it’s our own sanctuary, you won’t bump into other safari-goers anywhere on Kisampa.  We keep your experience intimate and personal.

This is an adventure that will get you thinking.  It will stretch your mind (just as much as your legs) and Africa will get under your skin. If you are looking for adventurous accommodation around Saadani National Park, Kisampa Bush Retreat is the place to be.  Welcome to Kisampa - Where Africa awakens your soul!