Taste, texture, aroma...honey.....You will simply love our pure, organic, African honey.

This environmentally sustainable industry is aimed at poverty alleviation of village beekeepers whilst maintaining this pristine environment. Kisampa’s vision and goals for our beekeeping project is to see a community where Tanzanian villagers live with a high standard of living and exist in balance with the natural flora and fauna in an environment by the sustainable use of the natural resources, such as beekeeping.

Kisampa acts as an education resource and collection and purchasing hub for beekeepers in all surrounding villages. We can offer a guaranteed market to community beekeepers and will pay cash on delivery of honey at an agreed and set price.  This is the pivotal aspect of the project, which will allow village beekeepers to augment their income. Kisampa sells honey products generated in the area to our guests and to selected boutique outlets and actively encourages bee related tourism.