Your life could take a new course at Kisampa 

Kisampa’s setting provides the real bush experience that makes these enjoyable, professional and scientifically credible courses such high quality. The incredible atmosphere of living and learning in such a wild and unspoilt wilderness fosters a love of the African bush, and brings home to all students, whether Tanzanian or from elsewhere, what a special privilege it is to be able to live in, work in or just enjoy such surroundings. These unique and exciting residential courses are run for a minimum of four people from our secluded eco lodge or campsites. Our instructors all have a passion for Kisampa, the bush and sharing their experience and knowledge with others.  They have vast experience in training and education, health service provision and guiding. All course participants receive competence or participation certificates for each course completed. Course details can be obtained by contacting us directly.


Team Building /Leadership: These courses can be tailored for corporate clients or school or family groups, depending on the objective.  Our programs are aimed at having fun and most incorporate our themes of wilderness awareness, bush survival and first aid with emphasis on confidence building, initiative, team-work, planning, communication and supervisory skills.  Real life scenarios, tasks and games are conducted to reinforce the teaching points.


Students' Field Trips: We have, for a number of years, hosted various student field trips, both from within the country and from outside the country. The courses are designed exclusively for each group focusing on key things that students cover in their school year blended with their applications in real life. The students are taken out of their comfort zones learning how to survive in the wilderness as part of the course.