Welcome to earthshoots, the project that allows you to calculate and offset your carbon footprint by directly linking you to our sophisticated forestry project which not only sequesters carbon dioxide from the atmosphere but also provides a financial building block for a developing community in Tanzania and contributes a significant benefit to its wildlife and natural landscape.

Our project enhances the effectiveness of your purchased carbon offsets by not just simply planting trees for carbon sequestration but rather by developing a holistic project that will:

a) sequester carbon at a similar, if not greater rate, than a typical forestry project

b) help the communities of Africa,

c) help regenerate wildlife habitat, and

d) help conserve the native fauna

And all for an affordable, and reasonable cost to you! Why should you pay more for your carbon offsets than necessary? Why shouldn’t you help to enhance the lives of people in developing nations? Why not help plant a forest that regenerates the landscape in a natural way? You should be able to do all this, and you can here with earthshoots.

We put your carbon offsets to work.