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Idyllic Kitutia

Picnic lunch, fish bbq, sandbar and a little light snorkelling were what we were after so Driska and Henk from Holland, Prue from Australia and I embarked on our day trip to Kitutia.  Located outside the bay we sailed for over an hour, past Mafia, Jibondo and a host of small islands in search of paradise and paradise is what we found.  As the reef breakers came into view so did this wonderful snow white sandbar surrounded by azure and turquoise seas – as we approached we were in silence – drinking in this piece of heaven.  While putting up the shade and starting the bbq I suddenly saw this huge form rising up from the water – alerting my island friends – we gazed in amazement as humpback whales were breaching, blowing and catapulting themselves out of the water, barely 1km from the sandbar…Prue even said “I hope we’re snorkelling the other side!”.
As we left Mzee to the job of cooking, we went off to the reef – sadly Kitutia was badly dynamited during the 90s but its slowly, ever so slowly, returning to form with some beautiful soft corals in a spectrum of colours from lime greens, yellows and pinks to blues and purples.  We even saw a turtle having a rest at the bottom, a scorpion fish, some stunning groupers and a rather shy black blotched porcupine fish.
As we returned to the sandy spit – Mzee had laid out a glorious lunch of fresh trevally fish, pasta salad, aubergine crisps, samosas and coconut, with the piece de resistance being a super lobster Prue had found in the village the day before.  All delicious but lazing under the awning sucking at lobster legs smothered in garlic and lemon butter was my highlight.  A quick coffee with freshly made doughnuts and brownies and we were on our return journey to Chole – with the sail up and hearing the lapping waves around Bibi na Babu’s hull was bliss – the sounds that just lull you into a sun-drenched doze…a truly peaceful, magical day for all four of us.