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Lucky's first birthday!

We are very happy to report that Kisampa's little red duiker - Lucky - has miraculously survived and it has now been a year since he was rescued from being killed by a baboon at our camp.  The little sweetheart was in a bad state and to be honest....we really did not think he would make it! After two days of struggling he finally drank some milk from a syringe given my Sarah.

And since that day our little "pet" has been growing up strong....and look at him now with his stunning pair of horns and shine coat!  Healthy as can be!  Lucky is free and lives out in the wild but comes into camp each morning for some cuddling and milk and I think company.  He likes hanging out in our pavillion as we all have breakfast.

Last bit of news.....and we shall keep you all posted.... is that Lucky has a friend.... or can we even hope that it might be a girl friend???


YOGA MAGAZINE - October 2011



Yoge retreat at relaxing Kisampa

During the last weekend on September Kisampa was the host of its first yoga retreat.  The goal was to spend three days to unwind, rediscover one’s self and to detox with healthy food and yoga asanas.  The weekend was filled with lots of yoga, meditation and pranayama along with meditative bush walks, relaxation, and an opportunity to fully emerge into nature. The mornings focussed on the asanas part of the practice going through the ashtanga sequence with specific adjustments and groundings, while the afternoons were spent in a softer practice concentrating on meditation and specific pranayama exercises.  When in Kisampa you are like no where else in the world and find your pace slowing down dramatically and your mind finds ultimate relaxation as the body falls in tune with the wild surroundings. Kisampa is the perfect camp to come and relax and find your deep inner self as there is no disturbance from any kind and only the soothing sounds of wildlife.

The retreat was lead by Oriane, an ashtanga instructor born in France but currently working and living in Nairobi, Kenya.  Oriane studied law at university, then marketing and finance in Lyon, France. After completing her master degree she left France for Italy, then New York and finally China where she studied Mandarin and worked in garment productions around Asia (China, Taiwan and Hong Kong). She then headed to Sri Lanka and started a production business there. After some years she met her man and married him! From then on she followed to Africa starting with Malawi, Zambia, Tanzania and eventually Kenya. She first discovered yoga when living in Sri Lanka and developed her own practice while living in Malawi and Zambia. She discovered ashtanga vinyasa yoga when she just arrived in Tanzania and never looked back! Since then she has been practicing daily first the physical part with the asanas and then started to include pranayama and meditation. She has now been practicing yoga for over 12 years and ashtanga for a full intensive 8. She has been teaching it for 7 years along with organising yoga retreats and safaris.

Ashtanga vinyasa yoga is characterized by the practice of a series of yoga poses without stopping and accompanied by vinyasa or riding the breath in order to flow from one pose to another. It is a vigorous exercise that physically and mentally challenges you in order to help you connect to your inner power. Poses are done in a fast pace, and each pose is held for the required five breaths. This practice can increase your physical endurance and ability to focus on any task for a long time without breaking your concentration.