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Lucky still chilling with us

Just a quick update for any Lucky followers... our little red duiker is growing up strong and now a very active personality at Kisampa.



The ongoing story of our lone waterbuck....


Then she was seen bathing in the waterhole below the camp for several days. This is unusual: A female adult waterbuck all by herself for several days. Yesterday afternoon we went down to have a closer look. On the way down we saw a group of about 12 waterbuck near the water hole, but she had been by herself all day. We made a film of her in the water and then caught her on camera as she walked/limped out of the water. The right hind leg is cut and swollen... She is dragging a piece of string or metal wire behind her. She limps and is obviously in pain. She's probably been caught in a snare but has managed to drag the snare clear of the bush.

This morning she was not there at the water hole, but at lunch time she was seen grazing and laying up next to the water hole. It's hot out there in the sun.
Stats of waterbuck: average weight 160kg, average height 120cm, average danger to Jackie and Hannes on rescue attempt = high, average time to re-think plan =maybe tomorrow. Question: Should we try to get the snare off or not?

Kisampa Animal Rescue Team


... little baby scrub robin eaten by poisonous snake...

The action never stops at our bush retreat Kisampa.  

Here is a snake making breakfast out of a baby robin!

Jackie Barbour, AfrikaAfrika partner



Zinguo la Chole

The people of Chole have been preparing to celebrate a new beginning, the New Year.  Zinguo la Chole is a charm to bring good luck for the coming year; to protect the island and its community from illness, disease and evil. The festivities began three days ago as groups of men walked together on the shores of Chole reading passages from the Koran and chanting.  The ceremonies culminate in a island wide feast held at Forodhani Beach where every household brings freshly made bread and donates 2,000Tsh ($0.80) to buy a cow for the occasion.  The men get together at dawn to begin cutting the meat which is separated into various pots for different dishes including beef stew, kebabs, bones and soup.  The cow’s feet and horns are retained to perform the final offering – they are thrown into the sea with an Islamic prayer – without this, I’m told, the charm does not work.  The Chole people love nothing more than being with friends and neighbours and between the old wazees sleeping under the frangipani trees and the children running around the beach to the women chatting and weaving mats – Zinguo la Chole is a true celebration of renewed life and hopes for a successful year to come.

Lyndsey Fair, Chole Mjini Lodge Manager